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Current measures being taken in regard to novel coronavirus (COVID-19)

The state of emergency in response to the novel coronavirus disease for Osaka Prefecture and nearby areas has been lifted. However, risk of novel coronavirus infection is not completely eliminated and we are requested to continue to take measures to prevent the spread of the infection.
While examining infection status around the city, we expect to return to regular treatment system gradually. We appreciate your understanding.

1. Body temperature check, questionnaire and wearing face masks

All patients and staff members must answer a special questionnaire as soon as they arrive at the hospital. Also, wearing face masks is required at the hospital. If you do not wear mask, we will ask you to cover your mouth with a handkerchief etc. Body temperature check is carrying out before treatment.

Treatment will be postponed if any of the following items apply.

  1. Fever and/or cold-like symptoms such as a cough.
  2. Currently living with anyone who has cold-like symptoms such as a fever and/or cough.
  3. Currently living with anyone who has been asked to practice home quarantine.
  4. Currently experiencing a loss of taste or smell.

2. Emergency/nighttime holiday medical treatment

At this time, we are accepting only severely ill individuals for emergency care.

Information Center for those living in Osaka Prefecture (English)
TEL: 06-6941-2297
Working hours:
     Monday, Friday 9:00-20:00 (excluding holidays)
     Tuesday-Thursday 9:00-17:30 (excluding holidays)
     Every 2nd and 4th Sunday 13:00-17:00