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Brief History of the Dental Hospital

Aug. 1953 Dental Hospital was established. Clinics for Operative Dentistry, Endodontics, Oral Surgery, Prosthodontics, Orthodontics and Oral Hygiene with 27 beds were established. Professor Yasushi Watanabe was elected as Director-in-Chief of the Dental Hospital.
Jul. 1955 The Second Department of Oral Surgery was founded (a total of 8 clinics).
Apr. 1962 Pharmacy Division was founded.
Apr. 1966 Number of beds increased to 40.
May 1972 Clinic for Oral Radiology was founded(a total of 9 clinics).
Apr. 1973 Division for Maxillofacial Disorders was founded.
Oct. 1975 Clinic for Pediatric Dentistry was added(a total of 10 clinics).
May 1976 Division of Nursing was established in the Dental Hospital.
Oct. 1978 Clinical Laboratory was founded.
Apr. 1982 Clinic for Dental Anesthesia was added (a total of 11 clinics).
Aug. 1983 The Faculty and the Hospital moved to the new buildings at Suita campus.
Apr. 1988 Division of Special Care Dentistry was founded in the Hospital.
Mar. 1989 The facility for the High Dose Radiation Therapy was completed.
Oct. 1996 Completion of MR-CT building.
Apr. 1997 Division for Interdisciplinary Dentistry was newly-nominated.
Jun. 1999 The vice-director of the Dental Hospital was founded.
Apr. 2001 Eleven clinical Departments were regrouped into three Clinical Departments including Dental Diseases, Division for Tooth andSupporting Tissues Disease and Division of Prosthodontics and Orthodontics and Division of Oral and Maxillofacial Disease.