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Clinical Divisions

Division for Tooth and Supporting Tissues Disease
Prevention, Diagnosis, and treatment of dental caries, other diseases of dental hard tissue.
Pulpal and periapical diseases, and periodontal disease.
for infants, young and aged people. Occlusal guidance in children and adolescences.
Diagnosis and treatment of traumatized/fractured teeth.
Diagnosis and treatment of halitosis.
Oral health care and promotion.

Division of Prosthodontics and Orthodontics
Diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation with prosthesis, orthodontic/orthopedic treatment with special regard to growth for the disturbance of mastication, swallowing and articulation, malocclusion, jaw deformation, temporomandibular disorders and esthetic disturbance in the oromaxillofacial region.

Division of Oral and Maxillofacial Disease
Diagnosis and treatment for inflammation, tumor, congenital anomaly, trauma and acquired abnormal morphology.
Diagnosis, treatment, and supply of medical information using specific examination equipments.
General anesthesia for oral surgery.
Systemic management of medically compromised patients for dental treatment.

Central Clinical Facilities
Clinical Laboratory
Surgical pathology of oral tumors, cysts and mucosal lesions.
Clinical tests (blood, urine, chemistry, and coagulation) and physiological examination.
Immunoserological tests for prevention of infectious disease.

Division for Oral-Facial Disorders
Diagnosis, surgical and / or prosthetic treatment and therapevtic approach of dysphasia associated with congenital anomalies in oro-pharynx, oro-pharyngeal defects functional-, organic-, or neuromotor disorders.
Diagnosis, surgical and / or prosthetic treatment, and physical therapy to improve velopharyngeal function.

Division of Specific Care Dentistry
Comprehensive prevention and treatment of oral/dental diseases for patients with special needs.
Guide and instruction to keep and promote dental health for the persons with disabilities.

Division for Interdisciplinary dentistry
Interdisciplinary treatments including implants
Holistic oral care and maintenance
Sports dentistry, Music dentistry, Snoring treatment